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Letter to the Reader

by Dr. Carolyn Kurle

Dearest Reader,


The Guidance Groove is not a self-improvement plan or a way for you to achieve your vision of perfection or live in endless, abiding happiness.


It is an invitation to discover how to increase your authenticity in your day-to-day interactions with all who cross your path.


It’s about discovering that you don’t have control over other people and circumstances, but you do have the power to make choices that are in alignment with your highest truth. You can approach all of life as a truly integrated and whole human, navigating circumstances while utilizing data from the thinking, feeling, and intuitive aspects of yourself.

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And a byproduct of living within the flow of your personal alignment is greater ease, freedom, truth, and very possibly, happiness.


As you progress, realize that all circumstances within your life, especially those that are difficult, uncomfortable, or painful, are invitations to grow, learn, and rid yourself of false stories that do not serve you.

You can embrace the painful situations in life, discover your part in their inception and continuation, learn when they are made-up constructs, then release your untrue thought patterns. The freer you become of these mental stories, the more your true, authentic, unguarded, unique, and whole self can shine. And living within your newfound authenticity will be a hugely positive contribution to yourself, those around you, and all of humanity.


Have fun and enjoy your experiences building, nurturing, expanding, and living by your own Guidance Groove. Collect your stories, then share your new-found path to authenticity, joy, and greater ease with others.


I look forward to joining you all in our collective community Guidance Groove.


With so much love, care, encouragement, and gratitude,

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