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Quotes and More


by Dr. Carolyn Kurle

These small excerpts from The Guidance Groove are meant to demonstrate the flow and flavor of the insights presented throughout the book.


In the physical world, grooves are created and sustained when repeated action makes a valley across a surface. Imagine riding your bicycle on the same soft surface day after day, your tires building increasing depressions in the dirt. As those indents deepen over time, they develop into ruts, and it becomes increasingly difficult to diverge or escape when you and your bicycle are caught in them. That’s what it is to live within your Unproductive Grooves.

You can train yourself to trust your instincts and create a new groove, a life dance inspired by your own personal guidance that reflects your own authenticity and leads to greater overall peace, ease, contentment, and joy. That is the Guidance Groove.

Steps for Creating and Sustaining Your Guidance Groove:

Recognize there is a choice before you.

Set your intention to choose an outcome rooted in benevolent intentionality.

Identify the solutions arising from your source of true guidance.

Trust your guidance and choose your actions accordingly.

If you miss the mark, learn from your experience, and try again.

Every single living creature has a source of true guidance within. Over time, your light can become hidden beneath layers of false stories, ideas, and beliefs that deepen and harden your Unproductive Grooves. The key is to recognize how your behaviors fit with the Unproductive Grooves, consciously cast them aside, connect with your light, and make choices based on your ever-growing Guidance Groove.

The Guidance Groove shows you how to uncover, connect with, and continually groove to the guidance arising from your own inner light of intuition.

When you follow your guidance from within a framework of benevolent intentionality, you achieve outcomes that place you on your best and highest pathways. You can then pay attention to those outcomes, and learn to better recognize and trust the physical, mental, and intuitive confirmations of your guidance.

Navigating life in alignment with your own Guidance Groove creates a positive feedback loop: the more authentic you become, the more your true self is naturally drawn to outcomes for the best and highest good for all, which increases adherence to your Guidance Groove.

I invite you to identify your authentic self, to find and trust your inner guidance, to create a personal dance of new grooves that lead you to ease, peace, freedom, and more joy. You are ready.

Continual application of the Guidance Groove to all aspects of your life will create and sustain authenticity. Acting from authenticity enhances freedom. And freedom is the ability to make choices based in love, not fear. 

When you live within Unproductive Grooves by ignoring intuition and making choices from fear, you miss the experience of deep relief which is a by-product of living in alignment with your inner guidance.

By assigning a high value to your own guidance and recognizing how intentional adherence to your truths leads to liberation and joy, you will more openly notice, allow, welcome, and trust your guidance. 

Every action in life is a choice: A choice to remain in the fear-driven, Unproductive Grooves, or step into your authentic self. 

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