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The Guidance Groove

by Dr. Carolyn Kurle

You can train yourself to trust your instincts and create a new groove, a life dance inspired by your personal guidance that reflects your own authenticity and leads to greater overall peace, ease, contentment, and joy. That is the Guidance Groove.

What is The Guidance Groove?

An overview of The Guidance Groove by author Dr. Carolyn Kurle

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Publication date: February 6, 2023

There’s a voice inside you that knows exactly what to do when it’s time to make a choice. Every single time. That is your authenticity, your truth, your spark, your own personal Guidance Groove.

You can find your voice, trust it, and live by it. You can escape the untrue thought patterns that obscure your voice, breed inauthenticity, and feed your Unproductive Grooves of inadequacy, obligation, scarcity, and unworthiness.

The Guidance Groove is a roadmap for navigating the flow of life while in continual communication with your own authentic, intuitive self. It’s an invitation to live your life from a place of wholeness.

Discover how true you can be when you dance freely to your Guidance Groove.

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